Interest Rates on Loans

Updated: Apr 18

There are the most crucial factor where customer is always stuck and confused where to go. Here are some factors that customers not know what banks need to give fundings and select rate of interest for customers acording thier profiles.

1. Banks needs the minimum net salary of 25 thousand per month

2. Banks needs minimum running cibil of 750

3. Banks always check the company is listed in thier categories or not

4. Banks check the location of customer that it may reachable or not. Its called OGL locations.

5. Customer is always expected that the rate of interest they may get would be very low but they even dont think that banks will think about to give funding or not and the Interest concern would be the second priority

6. Customer always become blind cause of promotional calls of dsa's about lower rate of interest and loan offer which called be fake or spam.

7. Dsa is not only for customes but only when banks may not entertaining the customers profile.

8. In this ere, some apps are spoiling the habits to take loan by giving small amounts of loan between 1000-100000Rs thru applications.

9. Instant loans is not possible when customers needs the minimum funding of 2lacs.

10. If you want minimum roi and average loan amount then you must have points in your profile like gud cibil, listed company, turnover of 50lacs in business case, have a loan track with banks, no any past enquiries, no any past emi skips, designation, net salary, job stability, ITR of 2yrs, 1yr resi stability, owned house concern in business profile and multi more things which is banks judge the customers to give fundings and and select the roi's chart.

11. All of this puzzles, an option is available to get rid off and get funding and minimum rate of interest for customers is

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