Major Problem of Finance Industry

Updated: Apr 18

just developing a community on this platform to make some transperancy in finance industry. I just saw a linkedin account today and thinks about some legends of this industry but still no any big to see in this industry. it means a legend or a broker or a businessmen.. there's no one like a innovator or a creative person who do something new and unique to work on lacking of this industry like flexibility, Reducing or recovery of NPA's, serving loans to the maximum ratio of clients, Challenge the Rate of interest scenario to stop the banks business policies or many more lackings i saw in this industry.

Due to all of this lackings, our entrepreneurs, middle-poor class peoples, and indian economy has a great poverty line. There's the no emotion for indian public in our industrialist.

All are just serving profitable not affordable to everyone.

We have a vision to stop all black marketers that's why still struggling to make this platform where banks will follow the public, not public may request to banks for funding. It will happens very soon.