Recovery process of unsecured debentures

Updated: Apr 18

Here are multiple options to give funding in unsecure products segment. The process to recover the loan from NPA's are as following.

1. Banks or NBFC's will recover thier loan indrectly through third parties which is called recovery agencies or recovery dsa's

2. There is no option left for banks if customer finally dont want to pay loan back as per law of supreme court.

3. This law applicable only in unsecure products cause other products have the option to recover the loan amount

4. Third parties always makes the visits to customers, making phone calls to make some pressure on customer and mostly thier favourite tool is to insult the customer or misbehaving, abusing to customers and they can do all of this shits cause they are third parties not the main party.

5. Here i am suggesting you to go to main branch of your banks to close your all loans otherwise you have to fight with illetrate peoples who has no any knowledge of respects.

6. Or if you unable to pay for any kind of reason, then sit back relax and avoid them till your time comes cause they have nothing to make loss you in any scenario.